Animal health organisation Ospri is continuing to monitor the banks of Silver Stream, Otago, for 1080-contaminated possum carcasses following the weekend's deluge.

The organisation, which manages the TBfree programme, confirmed yesterday that no carcasses had been found in the area so far.

The Blueskin Bay area was also searched and none were found.

However, several deer carcasses and two dead pigs were found on the beach at Waianakarua, an Ospri spokesman confirmed.


''These carcasses were removed by Ospri contractors and during this activity it was noted that several animals had been shot by hunters,'' the spokesman said.

''Ospri contractors will continue to check the banks of rivers and creeks flowing from the operational area for possum and other animal carcasses over the next couple days.''

Ospri advised all residents of the areas to take precautions with their animals.

''While the biodegradable toxin 1080 used for pest control dissolves in water, carcasses of animals killed by 1080 pose a threat, particularly to scavenging dogs,'' he said.

''Dogs are susceptible to poisoning and it's important to keep dogs clear of carcasses and away from operational areas until signs are removed.

''Ospri takes all action to ensure public safety around its operations, and is committed to deploying extra resources beyond the scope of its operations in the event of unpredictable weather such as the recent floods.''