Own this boat? Please collect your vessel.

Whanganui District Council wants the owner of a boat abandoned on a vacant Karewa St section to remove it.

The yacht appeared at 19 Karewa St in Castlecliff on June 26 and repeated attempts by the council to track down the owners have failed.

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"It's just on a vacant section," council's general inspector Clive Whitham said.

"It's sticking out over the berm and we've received some complaints as well.

"Somebody's just pushed it up there. How they did it I'll never know."

A note with a phone number was left on it but so far it has been of no use.

"We rang that on four occasions but just no response," Mr Whitham said.

He is hoping the owner of the boat will remove it within 14 days otherwise it will fall on the council to do so.

"The fact is that it's sticking out on to council land," he said.

"I would deem it as abandoned at this stage, the same as an abandoned car, in which case we would end up moving it.


"It's not the property owner's [responsibility] because he doesn't want it there, it's not his boat. He shouldn't have to put his hand in his pocket for anything.

"All we want is it moved. The reality is there's a cost to council if it's not moved. We've had a look at it and it's going to be quite expensive."

The yacht is in poor condition and has as hole in the bottom but Mr Whitham said it would probably be repairable for someone with the skills to do so.

"The bones are there."