Last season's gone - but the next one's not far from starting.

It's been great to see better pasture growth rates over the past two weeks. This is certainly help to build reserves for the coming calving season.

However, the declining temperatures will mean that this is likely to be short-lived and that we will go into next spring calving season with a lower pasture cover than is ideal.
I have a couple of tips to help you plan for the what-if scenario.

1. Do a plan of your feed for spring and find out what it your feed situation is likely to be.


2. Do a plan B to cover some of the 'what-if' options - typically high rainfall (low pasture utilisation) or low growth rates.

3. Evaluate what are the most cost and farm-efficient options that you have available.

4. Decide on your options for either scenario and make it clear to all people involved in the farm business. Discuss the triggers you will use to change your plan. If pasture cover gets 150kgDM/ha below where it should be, we will ...

5. Monitor your situation as you head towards the busy season. The earlier you can see a deviation from the plan the more options you have available to use to form part of the solution.

Enjoy the rest of winter and remember to get some well-deserved R & R in the next few weeks.

Please contact me if you would like help with your winter/spring feed plans.