Tourist destinations are supposed to give visitors a buzz, and that's just what Bee Haven is delivering with the town's new eco tours.

"There are a few great places you can go and watch bees working behind glass, but at Bee Haven not only do you hear about how amazing bees are, you put on a beekeeper's suit and get to delve right into the hive. You can watch them carrying in the nectar to make their honey, and if your timing is right you may even see them dance," Raewyn Smythe said.

"People are always fascinated by the queen, and although she is very busy we always try to find her for our visitors."

Bee Haven also sells honey, and 100 per cent of the profits going to the Bay Bush Action Trust, to help meet the cost of pest control in the forest where the bees gather their nectar, to protect the bush and the kiwi that live in it.


Tours ran during spring and summer but were weather-dependent, as bees have an aversion to rain and cold, and could die if their hives were opened in bad weather, she said.

Children especially enjoyed watching the bees, but had to be accompanied by an adult.

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