Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay took a look at the dry conditions around New Zealand with NIWA weather forecaster Seth Carrier.

On with the show:

Katie Milne:

The president of Federated Farmers talks her succession plan and says 2020 will be a challenging year for farming with the likes of the freshwater reforms and ETS looming large on the horizon.


Simon Bridges:

As an election looms later in the year, we ask National's leader what he has to do to be the PM by the end of 2020?

Chris Russell:

Our Australian correspondent, a man who's heart is entrenched in the rural hinterland, crunches the numbers on the environmental toll of the bushfires and says the fires are the crust on top of the drought which still bites deep. Listen to his Agriminders podcast here.

Seth Carrier:

NIWA weather forecaster - talks about a moisture deficit in many soils and the lack of rainfall as the summer-dry bites.

Listen below: