Today on The Country Jamie Mackay spoke to Sydney-based engineer Duncan Ibbott and Australian correspondent Chris Russell on how the catastrophic bushfires have affected them.

On with the show:

Damien O'Connor:

Minister of Agriculture fills in the missing pieces for The Country's host on zero carbon, water, M. bovis, the updated China FTA and the 50 Shades of Green protest march to Wellington.


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Duncan Ibbott:

Is a Sydney-based civil engineer who has been at the forefront of the fight against the catastrophic bushfires on his father's Grafton farm - eight hours north of Sydney.

Nathan Penny:

ASB's Rural Economist says he's nearly ready to pull the trigger on another lift in his milk forecast payout and he's equally buoyant about lamb, beef, exchange and interest rates - as we ask will the Reserve Bank pull the trigger tomorrow?

Chris Russell:

Our Australian correspondent updates the 'catastrophic' bushfires that now have Sydney in their sights.

Listen below: