This week on The Best of The Country, Jamie Mackay caught up with Rabobank's Asia Pacific Strategist Michael Every, for an interesting chat about how the US-China trade war could affect Kiwi farmers.

This week's top interviews are:

Miles Hurrell:

The chief executive of Fonterra does not try to sugar-coat some disastrous numbers released to the market this morning - an asset write-down of $820-860 million, a financial loss of $590-675 million and the payment of no dividend for the FY19. The only good news is that the forecast milk price remains unchanged.


Angus Robson - Part 1:

In an extended two-part interview, and in response to yesterday's interview with Mossburn farmer John Douglas, we talk to a Waikato engineer and environmental campaigner about why he is leading the crusade against the winter grazing of dairy cows in Southland.

Angus Robson - Part 2:

We ask about the use of drones, trespassing and what Angus plans to do about ocean and urban water pollution.

Michael Every:

Rabobank's Asia Pacific Strategist from the political hot bed of Hong Kong, and in light of the US-China trade war, we ask if the world is going to hell in a hand cart.

Simon Bridges:

In the absence of Jacinda Ardern we ask National's leader to fill in for the day and whether he wants to fill in fulltime - now that Mike Hosking has said he's starting to look like a PM.


Listen below: