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Fonterra is sending 7000 bales to the fire-affected Nelson region to help farmers struggling to get enough feed.

Acting Chief Operating Officer for Global Consumer and Foodservice Judith Swales told Jamie Mackay on The Country's Early Edition that while a lot of pastures had come through the fires unscathed, it had been very dry in the region.

The co-op's Darfield farm would be sending the bales to the region.


"If anyone's listening that needs some feed down there they can contact our service centre or the local area manager to get some sent their way."

Swales said it had been horrendous for those in the fire-affected region.

"I think local officials, volunteers and firefighters are doing a tremendous job.

"So far we've only had one Fonterra farm that's been affected. The family had to leave their home and move their livestock to safer land.

"Our local team along with our Anchor franchisee down there have been providing milk for volunteers and firefighters.

"And they've also set up a walk-in chiller for volunteers to store the food they're making for firefighters.

"As a precaution we did pause production a few times at a local factory and we had to direct some milk to other sites.

"Like everybody we're monitoring events very closely to ensure safety primarily of staff and of course milk production."

She also said they were in touch with local authorities to help where needed, including using Fonterra tankers to ferry water around should they need it.

Mackay asked Swales about DIRA submissions.

She said Fonterra was advocating for all dairy processors to make their milk prices easier for farmers to compare.

"Farmers are going to make important financial decisions for their families and their farming businesses - this transparency would see every processor publish in a consistent way the average price it pays for milk, as well as share examples of actual payouts farmers receive."

"We think that providing easily comparable milk price data is the right thing to do so that farmers make better decisions for their individual businesses."

Also in today's interview, Mackay asks for Swales' take on DIRA and whether it's a level playing field, they discuss the Darnum joint venture with Beingmate, and Swales reminds Farm Source Store customers abut expiring Reward Dollars.

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