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Farmers dealing with dry conditions are being encouraged to seek information on how to cope.

Rowena Duncum on The Country Early Edition caught up with DairyNZ chief executive Dr Tim Mackle, who says things are starting to look really dry.

"It can be very challenging for farmers at this time of year," said Dr Mackle.


"We do encourage farmers to look out for the dry weather information we have on our DairyNZ website."

Duncum brought up the plight of those in the Nelson region affected by fires.

"Your heart's got to go out to these guys - you've got to feel for them," said Dr Mackle.

"From a dairy perspective we understand there's only one farm that's been directly affected and there's a lot of support around that farm, but of course many of the other farming cousins have been affected by the fire and we know farmers will do everything they can to look after animals."

"It's been quite heartening to see the collaboration going on between different agencies."

Also in today's interview, Dr Mackle talks about changes to breeding worth that have just come into effect, and consultation on the Mycoplasma bovis levy. DairyNZ is still encouraging farmers to give feedback. "We believe it's important we decide how as a sector we pay," Dr Mackle said.

Listen to the full interview below: