A graphic movie depicting sex with corpses has been banned in Australia, but cleared for public screening in New Zealand.

LA Zombie has been given a green light to show at Out Takes, a gay film festival.

New Zealand authorities last week classified it as R18, warning it contains "violence, sex and content that may disturb".

The Society for Promotion of Community Standards is shocked at the decision, and has applied to the Film and Literature Board of Review to have the decision re-examined.

David Lane, the society's executive director, said the film appeared to breach the law by including acts of torture and extreme violence, and by emphasising sexual conduct with bodies of dead people.

It was removed from the Melbourne International Festival last year - the first movie to be pulled from the festival in seven years - after being censored by the Australian Film Classification board.

But it is due to screen at Auckland's Rialto Cinema and Wellington's Paramount Cinema next month.

Out Takes chief programmer Simon Fulton said, "It's clearly a horror film with a cheesy, camp, sexual tone. You need to see it to understand it."