Every year during calf-rearing season, the same questions pop up over the vet clinic counter, says Kathryn Sigvertsen from Vet Services Hawke's Bay.

"Many of these relate to calves with diarrhoea, or scours," Dr Sigvertsen said.

However the common problem could be avoided, or kept well under control with strict management and hygiene, she said.

"Management in the first few days of life has a big influence on the health of a calf right out past weaning and even into the second year of life.


"If the calves being reared are going into dairy herds, this can mean more milk through to the second lactation, and beef animals will have better potential growth rates."

Scours and other illnesses are costly and time-consuming to manage, she said, and also put stress on calves and their rearers.

"Vet Services have vets that are experienced in calf rearing and management, and can help with troubleshooting any calf problems, along with a range of products to help manage and prevent any health issues right from birth or even before.

"So if you rear calves or are thinking about doing so, please contact your local Vet Services clinic for more information or to register your interest," Dr Sigvertsen said.