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The Country's Jamie Mackay spoke to PGG Wrightson's GM for Wool Grant Edwards after his recent trip to China.

Edwards mentioned how his personal trip was an eye-opener to the advancements China has in terms of technology and infrastructure.

Mackay highlighted that the wool market is on the way up with a 10 per cent increase over the past month.


Listen below:

Edwards confirmed this positive increase with mention of better quality wools coming out after the rough November-December season.

Mackay queried if this market increase is a typical end of season phenomenon, but Edwards did not see it this way as there was still a lot of wool entering the market, despite being at the end of April and heading into the pre-lambing season.

Edwards also highlighted that pre-lambing season is coming earlier on in the year and despite historic seasonal shearing patterns, the trend of an endless shearing season was set to continue as a year-round job.