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PGG Wrightson's GM for Wool Grant Edwards joins The Country's Jamie Mackay to discuss the current wool market and the educational future of young wool farmers.

Mackay remarks that the strong cross-breed wool market has flat lined over the last few months, and Edwards acknowledges that there will be a real challenge in the short term.

It is hard to see what the future will hold, but Edwards guarantees that everyone is working hard to lift the market.


A positive for the market has been the growing strength of lamb fine wool becoming worth twice as much as new fleece in recent months.

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Mackay brings up a historic perspective talking about how wool was once New Zealand's biggest export and how when he was younger, crossbreed wool would bring in around $5 a kilo compared to now where it is at around $2 a kilo.

Edwards champions the concept of wool being used in alternative products and how this will be big in the future, as it brings a biodegradable and environmentally friendly element to commercial products.

New initiatives have been introduced and the sustainability of wool has been utilised in replacing fibreglass.

There are concerns around the future of tertiary and training institutions for future wool farmers.

From an industry point of view Edwards is hopeful that the Taratahi's and Telford's will continue to pick up more wool based courses as interest continues to grow.