While not reaching the giddy heights of the previous week's feeder calf sale prices, there was good demand for the 45 calves up for sale through Carrfields Livestock in Dannevirke last Wednesday.

The previous week more than 80 calves were up for sale, with pure-bred friesians, making $225 and a pen of big bulls not far behind at $22.

At the latest sale the top price was $195 a head.

And although calf rearers Jenny and Hazel Karl paid the lowest price, $20 a head for cross breed bull calves.


They are confident their purchase will be a good one.

"That was great buying. Those calves are better than that price," Carrfields auctioneer Sam Arends said.

Jenny also paid $45 a head for two friesian bull calves.

"We keep the calves in the stables for the first three weeks, just letting them out when the weather is good," she said.

Rearing just 20 calves, which were all hand-reared. Jenny said when weaned, the calves were sold in lots of two to lifestyle-block owners.

"We call them our liquorice allsorts, we're happy to take all colours," Hazel said.

"They have a great life with us."

With prices on Wednesday ranging from $195 for pure-bred friesian calves, down to the low of $20, the market was quieter, but Arends expected it to pick up again.

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One friesian bull was passed in when there was no interest at $100, but the cross-bred sold for $80 when bidding resumed.

"It was well brought," Arends said.

Hereford bulls sold for $100 a head, and two white-faced heifers for $135, with other heifers ranges between $80 and $95.

Arends said the sale was smaller than the previous week.

"Guys who give us 15 to 20 head only put up 10 head this week, but it'll change again next week.

"There were some very good buys here today," he said.

There are also expected to be wagyu cross calves in the sale this Wednesday.