The best of the store lambs sold right up to expectations but prices eased for lesser types at yesterday's sale at Stortford Lodge.

A big yarding of about 5000 generally sold well but some pens were showing a shortage of feed and sold accordingly.

There were about 900 head on offer at the cattle sale, mostly of top quality, and they sold well.

Due to technical problems with the cattle rostrum computer, some prices were not available.


The big bench of buyers came from Hawke's Bay, Waikato, Wairarapa, Manawatu, Taupo, Christchurch and Gisborne.


Cows: VIC, Mangaheia Station, Tolaga Bay, 34 ang, av weight, 587kg, 284c/kg, $1670/head; Wairua Dairies, Aorangi Rd, 35 empty fries, av weight, 559kg, 229c/kg, $1285/head; 13 empty fries, av weight, 464kg, 219c/kg, $1020/head.

Steers: 3yr, Moeangiangi Station, Waikare, 25 ang, av weight, 559kg, 327c/kg, $1830/head; 14 ang, av weight, 522kg, 336c/kg, $1755/head; Glendoone, Crownthorpe, 23 ang, av weight, 494kg, 338c/kg, $1670/head; Hokonui, Maraetotara, eight here-fries, av weight, 497kg, 308c/kg, $1535/head; S and R Martin, Tutira, 23 ang, av weight, 460kg, 344c/kg, $1585/head; G and S Jansen, Mt Cameron, 15 ang, av weight, 514kg, 309c/kg, $1590/head; five ang, av weight, 465kg, 312c/kg, $1445/head. 2yr, S and R Martin, Tutira, 26 ang, av weight, 432kg, 349c/kg, $1510/head; Martin Farming, Porangahau,35 ang, av weight, 481kg, 350c/kg, $1685/head; Lochhead Trust, Raukawa, 15 ang, av weight, 538kg, 340c/kg, $1830/head; R Boon, Te Pohue, 13 here-fries, av weight, 365kg, 317c/kg, $1160/head; 11 here, av weight, 370kg, 300c/kg, $1110/head; G and K Matches, Glengarry, five ang, av eight, 515kg, 293c/kg, $1510/head; seven ang, av weight, 499kg, 340c/kg, $1700/head; Camden Contracting, Waipukurau, seven white gall, av weight, 370kg, 281c/kg, $1040/head; K Ulyatt, Tutira, six ang, av weight, 418kg, 299c/kg, $1250/head. Yrling, Te Ngaio, Porangahau, 21 ang, av weight, 326kg, 380c/kg, $1240/head; 28 ang, av weight, 312kg, 384c/kg, $1200/head; 23 ang, av weight, 273kg, 408c/kg, $1115/head; Mt Erin Station, Middle Rd, 35 ang, av weight, 309kg, 388c/kg, $1200/head; A and M Tweedie, Tutira, 36 ang, av weight, 304kg, 404c/kg, $1230/head; Brancott Station, Waiwhare, 37 ang-here, av weight, 347kg, 364c/kg, $1270/head; Mangakuri Station, Elsthorpe, 38 ang, av weight, 258kg, 428c/kg, $1105/head; nine ang, av weight, 248kg, 431c/kg, $1070/head; Awakeri Drainage, Hastings, 31 charo-cross, av weight, 285kg, 368c/kg, $1050/head; Franklin Farm, Waiohiki, 28 ang, av weight, 284kg, 405c/kg, $1150/head; 14 sth dev-cross, av weight, 314kg, 350c/kg, $1100/head; A Maxwell, Wairoa, 19 ang-cross, av weight, 186kg, 440c/kg, $820/head; six ang, av weight, 164kg, 439c/kg, $720/head; D Margerison, Sherenden, nine charo-cross, av weight, 311kg, 369c/kg, $1150/head; Motere Station, Omakere, six ang, av weight, 200kg, 440c/kg, $880/head; Camden Contractors, Waipukurau, six sth dev-cross, av weight, 263kg, 319c/kg,

$840/head; Kotete Ltd, Elsthorpe, 11 ang-here, av weight, 283kg, 388c/kg, $1100/head; Lynmar Farm, Sherenden, eight here-fries, av weight, 414kg, 335c/kg, $1390/head; five simm-cross, av weight, 408kg, 311c/kg, $1270/head; five charo-cross, av weight, 340kg, 326c/kg, $1110/head; Carlyon Station, Farm Rd, five charo-cross, av weight, 285kg, 319c/kg, $410/head.

Bulls: 2yr, P and S Steele, Nuhaka, 26 fries, av weight, 445kg, 300c/kg, $1335/head; Trojan Horse, Taihape Rd, five crossbred, av weight, 593kg, 325c/kg, $1930/head. Yrling, S and P Wright, Puketapu, 20 fries, av weight, 257kg, 348c/kg, $895/head; Huatoki Farm, Bush Rd, 12 sth dev-cross, av weight, 259kg, 332c/kg, $860/head; L and A Smith Holly, Meeanee, six fries, av weight, 301kg, 312c/kg, $940/head; Baukham P/ship, Salisbury Rd, five crossbred, av weight, 342kg, 336c/kg, $450/head.

Heifers: 2yr, Awakere Farm, Crownthorpe, 44 ang, av weight, 400kg, 320c/kg, $1280/head; R Boon, Te Pohue, 22 here-fries, av weight, 423kg, 309c/kg, $1310/head; 17 here-fries, av weight, 350kg, 277c/kg, $970/head; 11 ang, av weight, 344kg, 321c/kg, $1130/head; 14 here-cross, av weight, 359kg, 362c/kg, $1010/head; Dever P/ship, Waikare, 11 ang-here, av weight, 420kg, 321c/kg, $1350/head; Belmount Farm, Tukituki, 13 ang, av weight, 372kg, 287c/kg, $1070/head. Yrling, Motere Station, Omakere, 33 ang, av weight, 223kg, 394c/kg, $880/head; 35 ang, av weight, 207kg, 408c/kg, $845/head; Tahara Trust, Mangatahi, 20 here-fries, av weight, 264kg, 333c/kg, $880/head; B and K Noetzli, Maraekakaho, 20 here-fries, av weight, 183kg, 385c/kg, $705/head; Brancott Station, Waiwhare, 13 ang-here, av weight, 338kg, 328c/kg, $1110/head; Franklin Farm, Waiohiki, 14 red ang, av weight, 275kg, 338c/kg, $930/head; Carlyon Station, Farm Rd, 12 charo-cross, av weight, 218kg, 380c/kg, $830/head.


Ewes: (SIL) Rocky Basin, Kaiwaka, 136 4/6-ths, $180; 110 6yr, $186.

Ewes with lambs at foot: Mangakuri Station, Elsthorpe, 44 5yr with 63 b/f lambs, $123.50 all counted; 42 5yr, 57 b/f, $124; 35 5yr, 53 b/f, $125; Wharekoa P/ship, Longlands, 15 , 20 b/f, $132.50; Netherton Station, Elsthorpe, 56 ewes, 67 b/f, $97; 70 ewes, 80 b/f, $88; 57 ewes, 59 b/f, $91; R Watene, Te Hauke, 22 ewes, 26 lambs, $119.50; Ora Station P/ship, Akitio, 10 ewes, 15 lambs, $107; Te Hiwi Station, Omakere, seven ewes, 10 b/f, $117; T Swanwick, Maraetotara, five ewes, seven lambs, $114; D Philips, Te Aute, five ewes, six lambs, $132.50; six ewes, 10 lambs, $119.50.

Lambs: J and S Paterson, Dartmoor, 149 male, $182.50; 74 male, $183; 77 male, $174.50; Hurukia Trust, Taupo, 143 c/o, $179; Girvan Farm, Wanstead, 83 c/o, $175; 90 ewe, $147; G and E Cameron, Chatham Island, 310 m/s, $171; Te Ngaio Farm, Chatham Island, 154 m/s, $165.50; Ohinemana Farm, Chatham Island, 132 m/s, $160; Cameron/Te Ngaio, Chatham Island, 201 m/s, $155; G and R Horler, Chatham Island, 104 m/s, $142; Norman/Holmes, Chatham Island, 123 ewe, $166; 35 ewe, $127; L and J Symes, P/ship, Mahia, 279 ewe, $175; 91 ewe, $165.50; Kokako Farm, Ohiti Rd, 213 ewe, $175.50; Black Stag Station, Tutira, 200 m/s, $152.50; 49 m/s, $139; G and J McLennan, Omakere, 251 ewe, $150.50; 218 ewe, $144; Motere Station, Omakere, 126 ewe, $150; 61 ewe, $125; Waikaraka Station, Porangahau, 87 ewe, $165.50; Droxford Farm, Wanstead, 113 ewe, $157; Hill Sixty, Wairoa, 68 ewe, $164; D and Y Parry, Rotohiwi, 73 ewe, $156.50; Rocky Basin, Kaiwaka, 80 male, $146; 49 ewe, $128.50; 94 ewe, $122; Kyle Farm, Puketapu, 62 m/s, $196; Hihiri Farm, Hautope, 83 ewe, $130; 54 ewe, $135; Te Matarae, Chatham Island, 100 m/s b/f, $183; Kerry Downs, Te Pohue, 50 m/s, $168.50; 64 m/s, $124; P Seymour, Chatman Island, 114 m/s, $132; P and E Seymour, Chatham Island, 55 m/s, $114; Mangaheia Station, Tolaga Bay, 42 ewe, $175; Parkwith Farm, Wairoa, 30 m/s, $156; Ora Station, Akitio, 35 male, $155; 38 ewe, $140; E Seymour, Chatham Island, 38 m/s, $133; Pickett Farming, Wairoa, 30 m/s, $130; Tukuwaru Farm, Waipawa, 42 male, $197; 43 male, $180.50; 22 male, $166.

Prime sale

A big yarding of more than 2200 lambs continued to sell on a strong market at Monday's sale.

Most of the lambs were top quality and sold accordingly with the top pen making $236. Many other pens broke the $200 mark.

The offering of about 600 ewes also sold strongly with the best of them making $197.

The good news began in the cattle sale where the 40 head on offer make good money. A pen of four heavy south devon and crossbred steers weighing in at 686kg made $3.09c/kg or $2119/head. A pen of 548kg angus cows made $2.39c/kg.


Cows: (Ang, banded gall) Av weight, 548kg, 815kg, 230c/kg, 239c/kg, $1309/head, $1874/head.

Oxen: (Ang, sth dev, crossbred) Av weight, 505kg, 686kg, 303c/kg, 309c/kg, $1230/head, $1874/head.

Heifers: (Here-fries) Weight, 496kg, 295c/kg, $1463/head.


Ewes: Slipe, heavy, $190 to $197; good, $179, $180; med, $167, $170; lighter, $120 to $140. Woolly, lighter, $110 to $123. Shorn med, $123.
Lambs: Male, $179 to $226; b/f, $181.50, $191; ewe, $169.50 to $211; b/f, $184.50 to $206; m/s, $190 to $236, b/f, $199.¦