A primary school north of Auckland has seen its roll surge in recent weeks with the opening of an unusual daycare.

Waitoki School near Kaukapakapa has built a daycare pen for lambs and is encouraging its 90 pupils to fill it with their own woolly companions.

"We have about seven to nine lambs on site at the moment. The kids bring them along and it's their job to raise them, look after them and feed them," said the school's principal Chris Neison.

The lamb daycare was built in mid-August by a team of teachers, parents and grandparents.


Every morning the lambs are brought to the school either on a leash or by car.

"This isn't just a one-off. The kids have to bring their lambs every day and in doing so learn those beautiful traits of responsibility, organising and planning. The parents are in the background - it's up to the child to do everything that's needed to look after the animals."

The lambs will attend school every day until the annual School Ag Day at the end of October.

Students will then have the opportunity to show off their lambs and everything they've learnt through their special daycare centre.