From wintering barns for sheltering deer to sediment traps, mitigating negative impacts on the farm environment was the focus of the Southland Environment Advance Party's field day held recently near Gore.

The Advance Party hosted about 50 visitors and members during a field day on Tony and Michelle Robert's property at Maitland.

Consultant Nicola McGrouther said the group had been together for about three years and this was the first workshop where members had shared what they had learned about their environment, good management and better farming practices.

"It is about farmers talking to farmers and sharing the good stuff and what the challenges have been. Each member presented photos and talked about their particular projects on farm."


They discussed soil and water management as well as animal welfare while wintering on crop.

They also walked around the property and heard from members about progress made on various projects.

They heard about the usefulness of dung beetles and looked at grazing strategies while protecting critical source areas.

The Roberts had used hay bales as buffers to slow down overland flow and reduce the amount of sediment washed away.

The group meets about five or six times a year.