Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay talked to independent economist Cameron Bagrie, who compared the global battle with Covid-19 to a boxing match.

On with the show:

Damien O'Connor:

The Minister of Agriculture celebrates Southland being free of M. bovis, plus we talk about the fate of the slink skin industry, why we can't get skilled agriculture migrants into the country and why farmers should consider paying back the wage subsidy.


Cameron Bagrie:

Is an Independent Economist who comments warily on the prospects for the global economy and how long the Covid-19 hangover could continue for.

Dr. Doug Edmeades:

Is a Hamilton-based soil scientist who is heading south to lead the charge against regenerative farming. He says traditional agricultural is not degenerative.

Karin Kos:

The chief executive of Apiculture New Zealand is on a mission to prove to the world we have more to offer than just mānuka honey.

Scott Duggan:

We ask the commercial manager of Volkswagen New Zealand if Lashes is allowed to drive the new V6 Amarok Sportline?


Listen below: