A big yarding of store lambs sold on a strong market at Stortford Lodge yesterday.

The best of the lambs in the yarding of more than 6000 head topped $140 with plenty of other pens better than $130.

The longer-term lambs were harder to sell but everything found a market.

In the cattle sale the yarding of about 160 head was of mixed quality.


However, again, the best met a solid market. Buyers were from Hawke's Bay with one travelling from Palmerston North.

Cattle - steers: R2, Glenwai P/ship, Pongaroa, 26 charo-cross, av weight, 308kg, 262c/kg, $810/head; seven the same, av weight, 270kg, 257c/kg, $695/head; P and L Hodge, Tuai, 10 ang, av weight, 423kg, 274c/kg, $1160/head; five the same, av weight, 378kg, 254c/kg, $962/head; S Baylis and D Harvey, Seafield Rd, 10 ang-fries, av weight, 336kg, 240c/kg, $810/head. Yrling, S Thompson, Omakere, four dairy-cross, av weight 290kg, 200c/kg, $580/head; Rangiora Farming Trust, Tutira, 12 simm-cross, av weight, 191kg, 313c/kg; $600/head; nine ang-here, av weight, 190kg, 313c/kg, $595/head; S Thompson, Omakere, five ang-cross, av weight, 158kg, 129c/kg, $205/head.

Heifers: R2, S Baylis and D Harvey, Seafield Rd, 14 here-cross, av weight, 324kg, 239c/kg, $775/head. R1, Elliffe Bros, Puketitiri, 11 ang-here, av weight, 215c/kg, 274c/kg, $590/head; Rangiora Farming Trust, Tutira,10 simm-cross, av weight, 184kg, 312c/kg, $575/head; six ang, av weight, 174kg 307c/kg, $535/head; Wellmac Properties, Tukituki, seven here-fries, av weight, 247kg, 252c/kg, $625/head; L M Property Trust, Waipukurau, five here-cross, av weight, 132kg, 234c/kg, $310/head; Paradise Haven Kennels, Raupunga, five crossbred, av weight, 160kg, 124c/kg, $200/head; G Bailey, Waipawa, 2 here-fries, av weight, 190kg, 221c/kg, $420/head.

Bulls: Forde Ltd, Kahuranaki, 12 R2 fries, av weight, 432kg, 282c/kg, $1220/head;

Sheep - ewes: (SIL) M and C Radford, Akitio, 135 m/a, $1423; 192 m/a, $121; 82 m/a, $110.50; Carswell Farm, Puketitiri, 57 5yr, $175; Glenview Farming, Tangoio, 12 m/a rwr, $89.

Lambs: Waipiropiro Station, Poukawa, 72 male, $127; 151 male, $128; 140 male, $111; 83 m/s b/f, $116; 43 m/s b/f, $134; Long Gully, Wairoa, 173 c/o, $125; 127 ewe, $114.50; B and S Ironside, Raukawa, 124 male, $133; Pukerangi Station Omakere, 145 c/o, $121; D and Maxwell, Wairoa, 90 male, $130; F and M Goulding, Otamauri, 191 ewe, $138.50; Puhoro Station, Wairoa, 169 ewe, $125.50; 104 c/o, $136; 128 ewe b/f, $123; Waikare Station, Waimarama, 118 ram, $125.50; 102 ram, $116; 111 ram, $104.50; E and A Maxwell, Wairoa, 206 male, $121; Belmont Station, Eskdale, 155 c/o, $115; 64 c/o, $110; Hassendean P/ship, Gisborne, 181 c/o, $130; 74 c/o, $102.50; Rangiora Farming Trust, Tutira, 33 male, $130; 66 male, $120.50; 61 ewe, $120; 53 ewe, $96; Unknown vendor, 22 m/s b/f, $148; Motere Station, Omakere, 68 weth, $115; Zant Ranch, Kairakau, 150 ram, $109; G and J McLennan, Oueroa, 72 male, $125.50; 56 male, $128; 105 ewe, $120.50; 101 ewe, $123.50; Kintail, Waikare, 58 ram, $117; 126 ewe, $116.50; Great Glen, Patoka, 55 ram, $128.50; P and L Hodge, Tuai, 79 ewe, $128; Knobloch Farming, Omakere, 244 ewe, $114; N Tillet, Ashley Clinton, 98 ewe, $120.50; Kenyon Land Co, Porangahau, 58 ewe, $138; Ardfert P/ship, Omakere, 116 ewe, $106; Awakeri Drainage, Pakowhai Rd, 60 ewe, $137.50; Ohuka Station, Wairoa, 53 c/.o, $129; H and A Elliott, Sherenden, 79 m/s, $103.50; Carswell Farm, Puketitiri, 44 weth, $123; Ferguson Pastoral, Kahuranaki, 32 male, $118.

Prime sale

A big yarding of 97 cattle sold on a strong market at Monday's sale.


A pen of vic south devon-cross cows made $2.37/kg and three pens of good angus oxen went through the $3/kg mark, one at $3.185c/kg.

A good-quality yarding of 532 lambs was down in price on recent weeks for no reason agents could discern. A pen of 292 shorn male lambs made $166.

The small ewe yarding of about 450 head was showing the effects of the long shortage of feed and sold accordingly.

Cattle - cows: (Sth dev-cross) Av weight, 491kg to 565kg, 200.5c/kg to 237c/kg, $1022/head to $1399/head.

Oxen (Ang, charo-cross, crossbred) Av weight, 496kg to 692kg, 288c/kg to 318.5c/kg, $1537/head to $1994/head.

Sheep - ewes: Shorn, good, $168; light, $91.50; slipe, good, $157; med, $120 to $140; light, $110 to 4120; woolly, light, $89.50, $105.


Lambs: Male, $100 to $166; b/f, $146, $160; ewe, $119.50, b/f, $130.50 to $160.50; m/s, $1230, $130.50, b/f, $10 to $169.50.