This week on The Best of The Country, Jamie Mackay caught up with the chief executive of Rabobank, Todd Charteris to take a look at the bank's latest farmer confidence survey.

This week's top interviews were:

Ash-Leigh Campbell:

We catch up with the 2020 Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year and the Chair of the Young Farmers Board to discuss her first two months in the former position and what's happening with the latter competition?


Winston Peters:

We go fishing for answers and the Deputy PM threatens to sue The Country's host. Plus we ask if he's read Judith Collins' book and whether he's writing one himself?

Rachel Stewart:

She describes her self as ex-media, ex-farmer, ex-train driver and ex-rated. And you're certainly never going to die wondering what she thinks!

Todd Charteris:

The chief executive of Rabobank looks at the bank's latest farmer confidence survey has seen a strong rebound, albeit from the sharp drop in March due to the uncertainty created by Covid-19.

Judith Collins:

The bestselling autobiography is called Pull No Punches and one of the country's most polarising politicians certainly does that. Today we concentrate on the early years, growing up on a Waikato dairy farm with hard-working Labour-voting parents, and her interesting back story before heading to the Beehive.


Listen below: