This week DairyNZ launched its Go Dairy - Farm Ready Training programme, which is aimed at encouraging people who have lost their jobs due to Covid-19 to give dairying a go.

The Go Dairy - Farm Ready Training programme will provide information about life and work on a farm and will teach the basics of animal handling and vehicle safety.

"[It's] trying to give people an idea of if dairy farming would be a good fit for them" DairyNZ people team leader Jane Muir told The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum.

So far the programme had generated "quite a bit of response", with people from all over the country registering on the Go Dairy Career Changers website, Muir said.


"This week we got underway with 14 people. Next week we have at least 23 good to go and those numbers will grow during the week. We've got many more who have shown an interest by pre-registering".

Listen below:

Go Dairy - Farm Ready Training is a three week programme designed to give people an introduction to dairy farming, including practical training in the second two weeks.

The first week will build an understanding of working and living on a dairy farm. This will be an online course that takes two hours a day to complete. Week two will be practical and take place on-farm, where trainees will learn about cows and the milking shed. Week three is all about farm vehicle safety which will also be practical, Muir said.

"We want to make sure that we keep people safe when they arrive on-farm".

Although it is aimed at those affected by Covid-19, the training is an option for anyone who is considering a career change.

The training was also comprehensive - so novices didn't need to worry about being thrown in the deep end, Muir said.

"We want people to come to dairying having some ideas of what it will be like, but at the same time also keeping them safe and setting them up for success".