Aside from Eketahuna, a total hosing ban is in effect for all towns in the Tararua District.

A Tararua District Council spokesperson said a total hosing ban meant garden sprinklers, unattended water systems, soak hoses and hand-held hoses cannot be used.

The ban also means no cleaning cars, washing houses or windows and no refilling of swimming pools. The use of buckets is permitted.

The council draws water from local rivers to fill the town water supplies.


The spokesperson said the amount of water the council was permitted to take from rivers changes based on how high or low river levels were and was prescribed by Horizons Regional Council.

"Hot, dry weather and a lack of rain has resulted in a significant drop in river levels activating a reduction in the amount of water council is permitted to take. This means that we are unable to meet the current level of demand from the town supplies."

The council implemented water restrictions in December in an attempt to avoid having to place more severe restrictions as summer ramped up.

"The forecast for a drier than normal summer has come to pass and there is now an immediate need for communities to conserve water and abide by the total hosing ban."

The total hosing ban will be in place until further notice. Updates will be shared on the council's website and Facebook page, and announced via local radio stations.

Additionally, posters will be delivered to the central business districts in the affected towns.

*For more information contact Tararua District Council phone 06 374 4080 or 06 376 0110; email or visit or Facebook