Margaret Vickers is excellent.

That's official now, as she was formally enrolled as a Member of Excellence of Rural Women New Zealand last year.

Margaret's years of service to the organisation were recognised when she was enrolled as a Member of Honour and presented with the Olive Craig Tray in recognition of her dedication and commitment.

Only two women received this honour in 2019, and Margaret says it is still only just sinking in as to quite how special the honour is.


"I still can't quite believe it. I have always enjoyed what I do, and it really is an honour to be recognised like this and presented with the tray."

2019 was a year of awards for Margaret who was also the 2019 recipient of the Stratford District Council Outstanding Citizen Award.

"It's thanks to so many people though. It's not just one person - there are so many people who give their time to these things," says Margaret.

In the letter of reference, endorsing Margaret as a worthy recipient of the award, Margaret's talents were highlighted.

Ruth Keller, who was president of the Midhirst branch of Rural Women when Margaret first joined in 1968, said once Margaret got involved, she never looked back and is a loyal, dedicated member.

"I am well aware of the service she has given to not only our organisation, but to the wider Stratford community through concepts she initiated and led."

Margaret's talents as a floral artist were also praised, as was the way she constantly puts herself "on the line" to ensure everything she does is thought out and actioned in the appropriate manner.

Margaret's achievements and award were recognised in December last year, when members of the local Rural Women's group presented her with flowers amid a loud round of applause.