Warning: Graphic

A Christchurch man was shocked to find a live lamb that had been shot with an crossbow bolt in the Port Hills.

Jack Moud, an animal keeper, told Chris Lynch he was driving on Summer Rd near Godley beach park on Wednesday evening when they came across the injured lamb.

At the time, the lamb was still alive, with the arrow through its body.


Moud took the animal to a veterinary clinic so the arrow could be removed.

"I hope you feel a shamed and regret your actions. You acted stupidly and carelessly. This is a baby animal that got shot and left for dead injured bleeding and in a lot of pain. This was a heartless act," he said of the people who shot the lamb, quoted by Chris Lynch.

Moud was hopeful the lamb would make it, despite the bolt protruding through its body. Sadly, the animal had to be put down earlier today.

"Due to the suffering of the animal, the farmer made the decision to euthanise," Lynch posted on Facebook.

#UPDATE: Sad news to report.... The lamb found shot with a crossbow bolt on the Port Hills has had to be put down. Jack...

Posted by Chris Lynch on Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact the Christchurch SPCA.

Facebook users were shocked to read about such a cruel act on an innocent animal.

"No hunter should be in this area. Equally no hunter I know would leave an animal wounded like this. Horrible human behaviour," one person commented.

"What sort of low-life person would do this to a defenceless little animal," another one said.


"I will never understand why people are so callous and cruel," someone else added.