Today on The Country, Southland Stags fan Jamie Mackay caught up coach Dave Hewett to celebrate his beloved team's first win in three years.

On with the show:

Phil Duncan:

Monday's resident weather expert says the weekend's balmy temperatures are about to give way a cold snap, albeit only a short blast.


Steve Maharey:

Is a former Labour Cabinet Minister and a former Vice Chancellor of Massey University who says the government is heading in the right direction with its water reforms, but he questions the need for such rapid change.

Dave Hewett:

He is the brother of one of New Zealand's most high-profile farming leaders and he's a former All Black. But for the purposes of today's chat he's the coach of the Southland Stags - a team that celebrated its first win in three years on Saturday.

Greg Miller:

The national fundraising manager for IHC talks about how farmers can donate an animal or a virtual animal to the IHC Calf and Lamb Scheme.

Steve Wyn-Harris and Grant McCallum:

Today's panel features a Central Hawkes Bay sheep farmer and a Northland cow cocky who ponder water reforms, farmer meetings and watching the Rugby World Cup.


Listen below: