A local fishing contest showed late May was still producing snapper on the 90 Mile Beach, a good indication that sea temperatures were still reasonably mild.

The 90 Mile Beach Surfcasting Club reported a turnout of 39 club members and two visitors for the field day on Sunday May 26 where the fishing was done from 7am to 1pm over a 8.30am low tide and produced 14 snapper, 13 kahawai and two trevally.

Heaviest snapper of the day (1st prize) was reeled in by Matt Becker 4.60kg, heaviest trevally (2nd prize) went to John Koland with an impressive 5.86kg specimen, while heaviest kahawai (3rd place) was Roger Hall's 1.60kg fish. Other winners were Daithi Parlour 3.68kg snapper 4, Pamela Paul 2.33kg trevally 5, Dave Hallett 1.58kg kahawai 6, Jo Arthur 3.42kg snapper 7, Dave Linder 1.54kg kahawai 8, Kurt Lunjevich 3.16kg snapper 9 (also winning the haggle for a 3kg snapper), and Henry Smith 1.47kg kahawai 10.



The club's most recent field day was held on June 9 where big seas on the 90 Mile — a solid 5m south-westerly swell — forced committee members to open fishing to both coasts.

John Koland with his 5.86kg trevally. Photo / Supplied
John Koland with his 5.86kg trevally. Photo / Supplied

The 26 club members and one visitor elected to fish East Beach, Rarawa Beach and Puheke with one adventurous angler fishing off Spirits Bay from 9am to 4pm over a high tide at 1.37pm (on the west coast). The extremely calm seas and clear water on the east coast had 10 kahawai and one kingfish produced at the weigh in.

Roger Hall was reportedly happy with his decision to drive to Spirits Bay where he ended up reeling in the best fish of the day, claiming first prize for his 9.21kg kingfish.

Elsewhere, second prize with the heaviest kahawai of the day was junior Kaiden Craig with 2kg, while third place was Pamela Paul 1.74kg kahawai (also winning the haggle for a 1.75kg kahawai), and, Marlene Sexton 1.66kg kahawai 4, Moira Rogers 1.59kg kahawai 5, Skarn Hokai 1.58kg kahawai 6, Gordon Richardson 1.45kg kahawai 7, Jo Arthur 0.98kg kahawai 8.


UPCOMING: The club's next field day will be held this Sunday (June 23) from 9am-4pm fishing over a 3.1m high tide.

The club will then take a break for July with the next event, the Vault Bar and Cafe Field Day being held on August 18, where fishing will be done from 8am to 3pm over an 11am high tide. For more information, contact Jack Rogers at (09)408-2660.