While there are opportunities to brand New Zealand wine in the United States, it will be a challenge to get cut-through in such the competitive premium market says Hayden Higgins.

Rapid growth in US wines and wineries means it will be tougher for imported products to make an impact, Rabobank's Australasian Horticulture and Wine Analyst told The Country's Jamie Mackay.

"We've seen in the US the number of wineries grow there by about 40 per cent in the last five years and the actual number of label approvals rise by about 20 per cent. So that means it's a really crowded market".

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Higgins said the way for Kiwi wines to get cut-through is brand-building and a bit of research in what makes US wine consumers tick.


"It's about having a clear point of difference and having a unique sense of purpose in that market that really matters".

"The feedback in the US is that, if your brand is just sort of showing pictures of your winery, glasses of wine, pictures of vineyards etc. that's not really getting cut-through in that US market. It really has to be something completely different to stand out from the crowd".

Also in today's interview: Higgins discusses how Australian brands can impact New Zealand's influence in the US market.