Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay catches up with Federated Farmers President Katie Milne to find out what she thinks of Shane Jones saying farmers are "moaners".

On with the show:

Katie Milne:

The President of Federated Farmers responds to Shane Jones' criticism by saying farmers are not moaners. We also look at the rural-urban divide caused by increased urbanisation and why farming only makes the mainstream media for bad news stories.


James Shaw:

The Green Party co-leader says the Christchurch Call in Paris is not a virtue-signaling talkfest, he says a 10 per cent reduction in methane emissions is more than achievable by 2030 and he defends legalising cannabis.

Ele Ludemann:

Our North Otago correspondent is worried that the tension between the goals of feeding the world and saving the planet could result in productive farmland turning to forestry and a repeat of the ag-sag of the 1980s at a high economic and social cost with no environmental gain.

Chris Russell:

Our Australian correspondent says there are only two stories across the ditch - Saturday's election and Israel Falou.

Dr Tim Mackle:

We ask the chief executive of Dairy NZ if his organisation is doing enough to support M. bovis-afflicted farmers. Mackle also encourages farmers to get along to the last of the Farmers Forums and looks at the huge potential of growth in the South East Asia and India markets for dairy protein.

Listen below: