Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay talked to one of New Zealand's leading sheep breeders, Derek Daniell on his thought-provoking document about climate change, Inconvenient Truths.

On with the show:

Derek Daniell - Part One:

We talk to one of New Zealand's leading farmers about 'Inconvenient Truths' around climate change and why the blame game is being laid at the feet of New Zealand farmers.


Derek Daniell - Part Two:

In the second part of the interview we ask if the Zero Carbon Bill is shafting our biggest export industry and whether Kiwis are losing control of our major assets.

Phil Duncan:

We really do break the big stories. Monday's resident weather expert says it's going to be a good week for drying washing! Really?

Listen below:

Roger Smith:

The Head of Biosecurity New Zealand defends MPI's handling of the fight against M.bovis in light of last week's surprise announcement that 300 high risk farms are now in the firing line.

Dan Lynch:

Ovis Management's Project Manager talks about what steps farmers should be taking to protect their sheep flocks from sheep measles outbreaks by making sure gun dogs coming on to their farms are treated for tapeworm ahead of duck hunting this weekend.