Today on The Country, Jamie caught up with Mike King, the founder of mental health charity I AM HOPE, for a chat about his new initiative Gumboot Friday.

On with the show:

Mike King:

We talk to the man behind Gumboot Friday, a nationwide fundraiser for youth counselling, and find out why a former funny man is now deadly serious about depression.


Tim Myers and Smiley Barrett:

Today's Norwood panel ponders gumboots, whether the drought is over, tonight's rugby, whether the Crusaders should change their name and how you can join us at Jack's Point to play golf with the Barrett boys!

Lisa Murray:

Autumnal weather is here, it's cooling down but we need more rain. We ask our Met Service forecaster for some.

Barry Soper:

Our political correspondent ponders a whistle-stop tour to China with the PM, why we have the biggest foreign embassy in Beijing, the state of deep contemplation and the art of talking about one's self in the third person!

TAB sports bet of the week:

This week's $100 TAB sports bet of the week sees us backing the Highlanders (unders) with the proceeds going to Gumboot Friday.


Listen below: