Levin Sale Carrfields Stock Report

A smaller yarding was seen at the Levin Sale compared to previous weeks but it brought strong results.

4 day old autumn calves: w/f bulls $300, good Frsn bulls $280-$290, medium Frsn bulls $140-$170, w/f hfrs $140-$180. Sheep: store lambs $103.

Cattle: ylg hfrs $830, wnr steers $490-$680, wnr hfrs $490-$580.


Rongotea Sale NZ Farmers Livestock Ltd

Flavour of the day seemed to be the 2018-born stock rather than the adult cattle at Rongotea this week, NZFL livestock agent John Watson reported.

2 year white-face heifers 411kg-501kg traded between $2.55-$2.65/kg; 2 year w/f bulls 370kg-445kg made $950-$1100 and w/f steers 452kg-555kg made $1105-$1480.

2 year old Friesian cross heifers 388kg made $720.

15 month white-face heifers 355kg-366kg fetched $2.12-$2-233 / kg;

Weaner Friesian bulls 142kg-200kg made $480-$580; white-face bulls 136k-190kg made $430-$600; exotic bulls 156kg made $3.07 / kg and crossbred bulls 125kg made $2.80 / kg.

Weaner Angus and Angus cross heifers 232kg-247kg made $510-$700; white-face heifers 120kg-185kg made $400-$550; Charolais heifers 172kg made $460; Simmental cross heifers 155kg made $3.17 / kg; Murray Grey heifers 195kg fetched $420.

Angus weaner steers 135kg-234kg fetched $3.40-$3.70 / kg; Friesian weaner steers 232 kg-300kg made $550-$660 / kg.


Friesian boner cows 475kg-574kg traded between $1.65-$1.71 / kg, and Friesian cross boners 461kg-502kg made $750-$920.

There were great quality Friesian and white-face bulls on offer.

In the autumn-born calf pens with medium Friesian bulls made $120-$160, top Friesian bulls made $200-$270; medium W/F bulls made $140-$180, top W/F bulls made $280-$395; medium Angus bulls made $105-$150, tops made $300-$315; medium W/F heifers made $130-$180, tops made $200-$255 and Angus heifers made $80-$180.