Store lambs sold well at Stortford Lodge on Wednesday.

A yarding of about 1300 lambs, mostly of good quality, was in good demand from a good number of buyers.

In the cattle rostrum the best of a small offering of about 95 head of varying quality sold well.

Agents put the small yardings down to plentiful feed around Hawke's Bay meaning no pressure on farmers.



Cattle Steers: H and C Peychers, Poraite, five R3 crossbred, av weight, 589kg, 265c/kg, $1565/head; Awakere Farm, Crownthorpe, 19 R2 ang, av weight, 345kg, 304c/kg, $1050/head; Braeleeden Trust, Meeanee, seven wnr ang, av weight, 271kg, 335c/kg, $910/head.

Bulls: Trigham Station, Patoka, five R2 here-cross, av weight, 383kg, 258c/kg, $990/head.

Heifers: Kohunui P/ship, Omakere, 39 R2, ang, av weight, 368kgm, 291c/kg, $1195/head; Deltabrooke Farms, Waitara Rd, 10 R2 fries, av weight, 405kg, 224c/kg, $910/head.

Sheep Ewes: M Willis Family Trust, Porangahau, 200 2th rom, $128; 72 2th rom, $116.

Lambs: Inangatahi P/ship, Puketitiri, 148 male, $127; Kaiwaka Hawke's Bay Ltd, Kaiwaka, 109 c/o, $129; 40 m/s b/f, $124.50; Glenburn Farm, Pagets Rd, 168 ram, $125.50; 30 ram, $118.50; Willis Family Trust, Porangahau, 65 ewe, $121; 210 ewe, $117.50; 112 ewe, $110.50; Rocky Basin, Kaiwaka, 19 ram, $130; Alco Trust, Poukawa, 52 m/s, $91.50; R Downes, Eskdale, $175.50.


Lighter ewes sold particularly well while cattle sold to expectations at Monday's sale.


The yarding of 25 head of cattle was the biggest for some weeks.

The yardings of ewes and lambs were small again with about 500 ewes and 167 lambs.


Cattle Heifers: (Ang, ang-here, charo-cross) Av weight, 504kg to 700kg, 265c/kg to 274.5c/kg, $1336/head to $1921/head.

Bulls: (Ang) 585kg, 700kg, 245.5c/kg, 246.5c/kg, $1436/head $1725/head.

Cow: (Ang) Weight, 492kg, 170c/kg, $836/head.

Sheep Ewes: Shorn, good, $169; med, $126 to $136; light, $98.50 to $120. Slipe, good, $157.50 to $169.50; med, $146; light, $116.50. Woolly, good, $143.

Lambs: Male, b/f, $153; m/s, $146, $166.50; b/f, $161.