Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay found out how New Zealand and Australian farmers are coping with the Big Dry.

On with the show:

Katie Milne:

We yarn to the President of Federated Farmers about the issues of the day including the Big Dry and why ruminant animals are so important to the primary sector.


Doug Avery:

The Resilient Farmer offers some sage words of advice on how to handle a drought.

Simon Bridges:

National's leader is on a self-proclaimed CGT crusade and we ask him if once being labelled the 'new Winston Peters' is now a compliment or an insult?

Chris Russell:

Australian correspondent talks about the cost of on-going drought to the nation's economy and why cheap cheese is worse for dairy farmers than dollar-per-litre milk.

Joe Wheeler and Hayden Parker:

We leave Lashes in charge of weekly our look at Super Rugby.


Listen below: