A new group has been set up in Kaikoura to help connect young people with an interest in the agri-food sector.

A NZ Young Farmers club has been established, after new resident Hannah Bradshaw noticed a need.

"I moved to Kaikoura late last year. The first thing I noticed was the district didn't have a place where like-minded young people working in the rural sector could connect," she said.

"I thought it would be a great opportunity to set up a NZ Young Farmers club."


Hannah manages the Kaikoura's PGG Wrightson store. The club held its inaugural meeting in January.

"About 14 people attended our February meeting and several others sent in apologies, which is awesome," she said.

"It shows that word is spreading about our fledgling club."

Hannah, who lives with her partner Hamish Cameron on a sheep and beef farm, was previously a member of Hurunui Young Farmers.

"NZ Young Farmers clubs are such a great way to meet people, especially if you're new to an area," she said.

Hannah has officially been elected the club's chair. Josh Richardson has been elected vice-chair, Haylee Hendrie secretary and Laura Paige treasurer.

"We're already discussing lots of ideas about potential events to provide opportunities for young people to socialise and upskill," she said.

Members hope to interact with the TeenAg club at Kaikoura High School, which is also overseen by NZ Young Farmers.


"We'd be keen for some of our more experienced members to run the odd event with practical learning modules for them," she said.

A recent Farmstrong survey of 985 farmers under 35 found social activities run by NZ Young Farmers clubs have a positive impact on the wellbeing of members.

The club's official meeting will be on the first week of every month at the Lobster Inn in Kaikoura.