British equestrian-adventurer Tracey Elliot-Reep is about to tour New Zealand to promote her photographic books, and meet up with old friends.

Elliot-Reep, a strong advocate for horse riding for therapy, will tour the country for several weeks sharing stories of her horse trekking adventures and she will speak in Whangārei on Tuesday night.

An author and photojournalist who hails from Dartmoor in south-west England, Elliot-Reep is no stranger to New Zealand, having completed a journey from one end of the country to the other on horseback twice; in 1991 and again in 2006.

Elliot-Reep has ridden horses from the top of Scotland to Land's End in England, around southern Ireland and Wales, across North America and from Greece to Spain.


She documented these adventures in photographic books and also produces 'learning to read' children's books.

At her engagements she will give a photographic presentation of the 100 year re-enactment of the Anzac's Charge of Beersheba and her own ride around Israel.

The Charge of Beersheba re-enactment, which Elliot-Reep attended during a trek through Israel, attracted many people from Australia and New Zealand.

Some were descended from Anzac cavalry who helped to capture Beersheba and break through the Turkish/German lines and go on to liberate Jerusalem from 400 years of Ottoman rule in 1917.

The charge of the 4th Australian Light Horse Brigade at Beersheba late on the afternoon of October 31, 1917, is remembered as the last and greatest cavalry charge in history, Elliot-Reep said.

She has written a photographic book on the charge and her own ride around Israel.

After completing art college she travelled through Europe and North America teaching horse riding.

She learned photography in Wales and for some years contributed to magazines as a freelance photojournalist.


During this time she interviewed royalty at Buckingham Palace and completed her 3200km horse trek through New Zealand.

Elliot-Reep began a card business more than 25 years ago, creating six local Dartmoor postcards, while living in a caravan with her dog.

In her public speaking she recounts how her faith and her love of horses, adventure and photography have taken her to places including Africa, Tibet, Israel and Russia.

Elliot-Reep will speak at the Salvation Army Hall in Aubrey St, Whangārei, at 7pm on Tuesday.