Today on The Country, the team investigate some tasty recipes for cooking up New Zealand lamb with Jarrod McGregor - check them out below!

On with the show:

Maria Augutis:

NIWA's weather forecaster says it's going to be hot again today with the heatwave set to stay until around until Friday.


Winston Peters:

The Deputy PM, New Zealand First leader and Minister of Racing sheds light on the proposed closure of 27 race tracks by 2030. We also asked where's Jacinda, who are the Blue-Greens and why was 1968 such a pivotal year on the world stage?

Rod Slater:

The chief executive of Beef and Lamb New Zealand encourages all New Zealanders to eat lamb on Waitangi Day and he's openly dismissive of PETA and the prospect of a red meat tax.

Jarrod McGregor:

One of Beef + Lamb New Zealand's Ambassador chefs gives us two simple lamb recipes for Waitangi Day and the chance to win one of two $50 lamb vouchers from B+LNZ.

Lamb Recipes
Lamb marinade:
2tbsp toasted coriander seed
2tbsp toasted cumin seed
1tbsp toasted black pepper corns
2tbsp mixed toasted sesame seeds
1tbsp paprika
1 tbsp turmeric
1 small knob fresh ginger
1 cup olive/pomace oil

Marinate for 2-3 hours


Mint salsa verde:
1 cup mint
1 cup Italian parsley
50 grams anchovy
Juice of 1 lemon
1 garlic clove
Half cup olive oil.

Blend all together and serve at room temperature.

Scott Duggan:

The commercial manager for Volkswagen NZ has a great add-on Stihl package (valued at $2,500) for anyone buying New Zealand's best ute - the VW Amarok.

Andy Thompson:

Is a former West Coast cow cocky who comments on the potential closure of the Hokitika and Reefton race tracks and whether there are climate change deniers on the West Coast regional council.

Listen below: