Malcolm Gawn and wife Tracy Tooley decided to ditch the long commutes of Auckland and make goats' milk soap in South Otago.

Gawn told The Country's Jamie Mackay the decision to move south wasn't too drastic, as he is orginially "a Mosgiel boy born and bred."

However, Gawn admits the idea of owning goats wasn't as appealing.

"The goats? Well that was Tracey, she asked for some goats - I said 'no' - so we went and picked them up that weekend."


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Tooley was working on a "soap concoction," for couple of years says Gawn. She added the goats' milk to her product and "the rest of it's history."

The couple now market their products under the Simple Naked Soap brand.

Gawn kept his cards close to his chest when Mackay asked if the goats' milk soap market is lucrative.

"Yes. But we're not going to say that too loud because every man and his goat will want to do it."

Apart from earning the couple a living, there is another benefit to the soap says Gawn.

"The goats' milk is the closest pH to our skin, it's a natural fit for sensitive skins."

"Neither of us now have any skin issues that we had prior to making this stuff."


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