Today on The Country, Jamie has a chat to leading livestock auctioneer Neville Clark about a stag worth a whopping $155,000!

On with the show:

Phil Duncan:

Monday's resident weather expert talks about his 'stormy' relationship with some New Zealand politicians.


Allan Pollard:

We ask the chief executive of New Zealand Apples and Pears who's going to pick this season's pip fruit crop plus we debunk the myth that the unemployed can get out of bed and make $100,000 per annum planting trees.

Neville Clark:

New Zealand's leading livestock auctioneer comments on the $155,000 paid for a sire stag as the deer industry goes from strength to strength. Plus we ask a former New Zealand champion cowboy whether rodeo is a sport or animal cruelty?

Jeremy Baker:

Following on from last week's report from the European-based food commission EAT Lancet, the Chief Insight Officer for Beef + Lamb New Zealand tells us why we should eat lean red meat - just not too much of it!

Don Nicolson and Andy Thompson:

Today's panel features a former president of Federated Farmers and a former West Coast cow cocky as we chew the fat over how much red meat to eat.


Listen below: