Although Pāmu is the country's largest farmer, it is not a blueprint for the rest of New Zealand, says Steve Carden.

The chief executive of the state-owned farmer (formerly known as Landcorp), told The Country's Jamie Mackay, "we don't get everything right by any stretch ... we're just trying to do our best like everyone else."

However, being New Zealand's largest farmer as well as owned by the Government means Pāmu, "can't afford to be laggards," says Carden.

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Last year Pāmu's suggestion of a capital gains tax to the Tax Working Group caused concern amongst farmers, who believed a Government-owned entity should not be involved in such decision-making.


"We didn't say we wanted a capital gains tax. We said we weren't opposed to it on principle," says Carden.

"We don't wany any more taxes than anyone else does."

Another concern Mackay brings up is Pāmu's involvement with Dr Mike Joy, who can be a vocal critic of farming practices in New Zealand.

"I certainly wouldn't describe him as anti-farming ... he's one voice of many that we have talking to us about how we can improve our farming operations."

Also in today's interview: Carden reflects on some positive stories from 2018 and looks into what's coming up for Pāmu this year.