Today on The Country, Jamie catches up with Rachel McClung for a chat about her report on whether there is a future for vertical farming in New Zealand.

On with the show:

Peter Newbold:

We take our monthly look at the rural real estate market and ask if dairy land prices have really fallen by 30 per cent?


Rachel McClung:

Is the there a future for vertical farming in New Zealand? We ask a Horticulture NZ environmental policy advisor who has researched the issue as a part of her Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme.

Rob Davison:

Sheep and beef farmers achieved another record high lambing percentage this spring, according to Beef + Lamb New Zealand's (B+LNZ) Lamb Crop 2018 report. The average ewe lambing percentage for 2018 was 129.0 per cent, up 1.7 percentage points on last year and up nearly 8 percentage points on the average for the previous 10 years.

Chris Russell:

Our Australian correspondent talks about a $1/kg lift in wool prices and we discuss political correctness gone mad with a 100,000-strong Swiss petition asking for cattle to keep their horns and their dignity.

Vanessa Winning:

Dairy NZ's GM Farm Performance updates this week's Pasture Summits in Hamilton and Ashburton, the latest M. bovis stats and we ask if we're at 'peak cow' numbers?

Listen below: