Best hunting and fishing spots in Kaipara feature on show

Gone Fishin's Graeme Sinclair recently explored the Dargaville area with the Wild West Worcester team on his first trip here to the Kaipara.

Katie Le Noel, Henry and Dominique Peita run the Wild West Worcester business in Dargaville making award-winning sauces based on recipes that have been in their family for four generations. Through it, they had met Sinclair and had invited him and his family to come and enjoy the bounty of hunting and fishing spots in the local district.

He accepted their invitation last month and, over their time together, made a good impression on the locals.


"He is a prime example of a good, down-to-earth Kiwi bloke who was genuinely interested in what we do and where we're from," said Peita.

The team took him hunting but fishing was more successful despite the wild weather on the coast.

They also showed him the museum, met Fisheries officer Cyril Ranginui and sourced some locally caught and smoked mullet from Dylan Chamberlain. According to Peita, "he loved our slice of paradise" and was already planning another trip back.

The Wild West Worcester Gone Fishin episode will be aired on Sunday, November 18.

Heritage celebrated

Dargaville museum will be hosting a celebration this weekend for the people from the coastline of Dalmatia, Croatia and the neighbouring islands who are commemorating 160 years within New Zealand.

This historic occasion marks the first emigration of their people in 1896 and will celebrate their culture and life here in New Zealand.

There will be music, kolo dancing (a traditional circle dance performed to music plays primarily by the tamborica instrument) and entry to the museum which will reflect some of the history of "Dalmatians" and how they came to settle here.

Special guests include accordionist Diana Letica, singer Jone Yelcich and 99-year-old Jack Salle who attended the first Dalmatian ball in NZ in Dargaville in 1936.

It is hosted by the Dargaville Dalmatian Club from 11am until 4pm on Saturday, November 10 at the Dargaville museum. Tickets for the luncheon have already sold out but the public can still enjoy the performances and the museum.

Te Ha Oranga staff, Cara Donaldson and Virginia Wati show just some of the free items within the newly established community food pantry.
Te Ha Oranga staff, Cara Donaldson and Virginia Wati show just some of the free items within the newly established community food pantry.

Open for business

Following on from similar initiatives in Dargaville and Baylys Beach, a free fruit and vegetable stand has been established in Te Kopuru. This allows the community to pass on their surplus in an easy and accessible fashion and for local families to access fresh produce for free.

"Pataka Kai" community food pantry has been placed at the vegetable gardens on Norton St where locals Noeline Donaldson and Clara Tito tirelessly work to provide for the community alongside Community Corrections offenders.

A blessing was held on October 26 to open the pantry and mark the occasion. This was supported by members of the community including staff from Community Corrections and Te Ha Oranga.

One such attendee was Cara Donaldson who suggested it was important to "support this beautiful kaupapa which brings us all together as one".

She acknowledged great support from the community to get this established but wanted to recognise and give specific thanks to Noeline Donaldson, Clara Tito and Violet Hutchinson for their ongoing dedication to the community of Te Kopuru.

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