A robotic buffalo milking project will be up and running in a few months, but its New Zealand location remains a secret.

DeLaval's Solution Manager for Automatic Milking Systems Luke Crabb would only say it was in the South Island when quizzed by The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum.

"I've seen a lot of cows being milked in robots, but seeing these beautiful calm animals being milked in a robot's going to be something that's really exciting for us and we're really happy to be part of that project," Crabb said.

Another project is taking place in Southland, where DeLaval is converting a traditional herringbone milking shed into a robotic milking shed which has been well received by farmers.


Listen below:

"It's impressive getting there and watching those cows walk around naturally by themselves, getting milked by themselves."

Crabb says the farmers taking part in the conversion have put five robots into their existing herringbone shed while keeping the original shed, but with a few minor alterations.

The project has been running for about six weeks and has given a few locals "rubber neck-syndrome."

"They all want to see what's going on," says Crabb, who reports a lot of positive feedback from farmers, some of whom have "even got away, ready for the weekend."

Also in today's interview: Luke Crabb talks about the robotic system at Feilding High School.