A large parcel of seaside lifestyle blocks are on offer in coastal Waverley, an area rich in New Zealand history.

The properties at Waipipi Beach 7km from Waverley are an ideal opportunity for the thriving rural communities of Waverley and beyond to acquire their own idyllic beach section to kick back, relax and unwind from the daily grind and hard work of farming.

Waipipi Beach is on a corner of land owned by Waverley farmer and entrepreneur Roger Dickie and his family interests. Included in the area is a narrow strip of DoC land along the coast.

Waipipi has always been used as a place to fish and gather food. The tangata whenua of the area have traditionally used the coastal strip from Waitotara to the Patea River since pre European times, as a place to sustain and nourish their people.


For so many farmers a holiday house is initially used often but it then gets used less and less over time, usually due to the distance from home and other farming commitments, making Waipipi Beach the perfect solution.

Waipipi Beach is ideally suited for a range of leisure activities. The beach is flat and safe for swimming, with easy access to launch a boat. The fishing and offshore reef diving are some of the best in New Zealand.

The subdivision includes a reservoir which was originally installed by an American Mining Company. They mined ironsands further up the coast and pumped it out to sea to ships for export to Japan.

The reservoir was needed to provide a water source to mine the ironsand and transport it to the ships. That mining operation ran from 1971 to 1987.

This reservoir now provides a safe environment for kayaking, small yachts, rowing and swimming and the jetty provides hours of fun for children of all ages. The 18 hole Waverley golf course is just 5km from Waipipi Beach.