A comedy show designed to get Taranaki farmers off their farms and laughing has been a roaring success.

A crowd of 140 people packed the Kapuni War Memorial Hall on Saturday night for the Farmstrong comedy show.

Popular comedians Paul Ego, Justine Smith, Tevita Manukia and Darren Jardine had the audience roaring with laughter.

"My face hurts from laughing so much. It was a fantastic night," said Central Taranaki Young Farmers member Jessie Waite.


The event attracted farmers – young and old, and supporters of the rural community.

It was the first of five Farmstrong comedy nights being held from Tangiteroria to Winton over the next two months.

"It was great to get off the farm and have a laugh with the neighbours," said Tariki contract milker Kenzie Bellringer.

"Having it in a rural community hall instead of in town is a lot more appealing to farmers. It was an awesome night."

Justine Smith, (left), Guy Harvey, Kenzie Bellringer and Tevita Manukia backstage. Photo / Supplied
Justine Smith, (left), Guy Harvey, Kenzie Bellringer and Tevita Manukia backstage. Photo / Supplied

The show was supported by the Rural Support Trust, alongside Farmstrong and NZ Young Farmers.

"We have been making a big effort to raise awareness about the importance of members looking after their mental wellbeing," said Matthew Herbert, who is chair of the district's five NZ Young Farmers clubs.

The Farmstrong rural wellness programme encourages farmers to be active, connect with others and embrace new experiences.

"What Farmstrong is doing is brilliant. It's great to see so many of you here tonight. It's healthy to have a good laugh," said comedian Paul Ego.


"For us, getting out of Auckland to do these gigs is so much fun, even if it is in the middle of nowhere," Justine Smith joked with the crowd.

Members from Taranaki Young Farmers ran the bar and cooked nachos as a fundraiser at the event.