The psychology of a rubbish dumper:

Since the 1970s, research from United States and Canada litter studies from the public and private sectors, have noticed certain "traits" among willing/prone "serial" litterers or rubbish dumpers.

One standout trait is juvenility.

Regardless of race, sex or income, those innately possessing a far-too youth-oriented, "some development is still needed to become an accountable adult" mindset, notably, the age 16–25 demographic — is consistently witnessed as the most willing/prone individuals to do waste littering and dumping.


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Another trait chronic litterers appear to have is a penchant for not wanting to be inconvenienced — things must be done NOW, even if the something done results in reckless or substandard quality, or harm, even death, to innocents.

Personal freedom is yet another quality - the ability to do literally anything without any retribution or suffering negative consequences.

Furthermore, a person's poor mental health that shows "resignation and despair", coupled with limited to non-existent childhood home training, play roles that make for those severely lacking little to no personal control, to stop engaging in this societal, and illegal, activity, that breeds disease and injures, even killing, animals and landscapes.