New World Kapiti bakery manager Thomas Thomas has led New World Kapiti bakery to their first pie award at the 22nd Bakels New Zealand Supreme Pie Awards.

Following the awards dinner last week Thomas and his team took out a silver award in the gourmet fruit section for their peach and passionfruit after-dinner pie.

Having previously won awards with Kapiti Cakes & Bakery, the best being a fifth place, this is Thomas's first time entering with New World Kapiti after joining them in September last year.

The silver award winning peach and passionfruit pies.
The silver award winning peach and passionfruit pies.

"It's all done by experiment.


"You make a batch, you taste it and improve it and keep going until you've got what you're happy with.

"For the shortbread it's not a standard one that we sell or use for our standard savoury pies but now it will allow us to have some new products in the cabinet that we have never done before.

"It's a different product, it's a sweet pastry as opposed to puff pastry.

"The flavour comes from years of experience and that's something that our team here has got — years and years of experience."

As a second generation baker and growing up in a family bakery, Thomas has been in the industry his whole life.

Leading the team of eight, the bakery has well over 80 years' of experience in its staff.
"At New World we have the freedom to make what we want and try out new things.

"We want to challenge ourselves and put ourselves out there."

"It's the buttery short bread made with New Zealand butter,"Thomas said, when asked what makes this pie special. "It's got a surprise in the middle that I've never told anyone about." A surprise which will not be revealed by Kapiti News.

Pies can be purchased from the bakery at New World Kapiti in Paraparaumu with fresh batches made each day, but be in quick before they sell out.