Two more Canterbury farms have been confirmed to be infected with Mycoplasma bovis.

These latest confirmations take the number of infected properties to 41, comprising 18 dairy farms, 20 beef farms and three lifestyle properties.

There are 20 current active infected properties in Canterbury, 11 in Southland and four in Otago, with the remaining six in the North Island (Hawke's Bay 2, Waikato 2, Pahiatua 1, Wairarapa 1).

Active infected properties have yet to have their cattle culled, premises cleaned, and have stock movement restrictions lifted.


Canterbury has had 30 properties infected in total.

The Ministry for Primary Industries said in its latest Stakeholder Update email that 67 properties are under Restricted Place Notice.

All infected farms and farms suspected of having Mycoplasma bovis have a Restricted Place Notice, which prohibits all unauthorised movements of farm stock and other risk goods on to and off the property to minimise the chance of the disease spreading from the property.

Any movement of cattle requires a permit from MPI.

Transport vehicles must follow a cleaning and disinfection process when they leave a restricted place.

This week it was reported that the Ministry for Primary Industries has culled 32,561 cattle from dairy herds since the response to Mycoplasma bovis was first detected a year ago.