Today on The Country we take a look into the boutique milk business Lewis Road Creamery and chat to founder Peter Cullinane about using recycled bottles.

On with the show:

Winston Peters:

We talk to the New Zealand First leader for the final time in his capacity as Prime Minister. Or do we?


Peter Cullinane:

The founder of the boutique milk market darling Lewis Road Creamery tells us why his company is leading the charge on using recycled bottles for its milk range. Lewis Road is the first milk producer in the country to change to rPET bottles which are made from entirely recycled plastic. We ask if glass bottles are next?

Chris Brandolino:

NIWA's principal weather scientist warns that despite a relatively warm July and start to August, only a fool would think winter's done with us.

Shane McManaway and Doug Avery:

Today's panel features two Kiwi farmers and high-profile leaders in agribusiness who ponder the worst drought in Australia for 100 years and the toll it takes on farmers' mental health.

Tim Hunt:

Rabobank's GM Food & Agribusiness Research talks about his presentation earlier in the week to the Red Meat Sector Conference in Napier – Winning the end game in the Middle Kingdom – how we can maximise our return for red meat in China.


Listen below: