Don Morrison's recent 26-day in-market visit to the Middle East and the UK turned out to be a bit more eventful then first planned.

The director of the Alliance Group was in Riyadh on "an auspicious day," when women celebrated their right to drive, however the city was also bombed by Yemen.

Listen below:

"It was more like a fireworks display in the sky with the rockets getting blown up. So it's a hot spot over there at times," says the Southland sheep and beef farmer.

Morrison says the Middle East has a "strong like," for sheep meat and provides new opportunities for the market, which he was keen to investigate on his trip.


New Zealand lamb is making good money in the UK but Morrison says it's at a high point and "the one thing we don't want to see is prices forced higher where we get some resistance in market."

Also in today's interview: Don talks about the Brexit effect in the UK and tells Mackay a bit of the Morrison farming family history and dynamics.