Every year for the last 45 years Te Awamutu Fish & Game Association has held a tree day to raise money for charities.

The event is an opportunity for the association to sell the trees — native, deciduous nut, fruit bearing trees and flaxes — grown at its nurseries.

Local farmers and landowners purchase the trees to help enhance their wetlands, riparian boundaries and erosion prone hillsides, and to provide shelter for livestock. They also purchase the trees to provide food for native birds and improve water quality.

Money raised supports the Westpac Trust Helicopter, Reel Recovery New Zealand and a kids' fish day at Ngongotaha Trout Hatchery in Rotorua. Funds also assist in running the annual Te Awamutu Fish & Game Association fishing competition at Lake Arapuni.


This year the tree day was a success. The 800 trees planted at Paterangi couple Peter and Jill Shaw's property were all sold.

Te Awamutu Fish & Game Association president David Nordell says about 40,000 trees have cycled through the association's nurseries over the years. He thanked Te Awamutu Fish & Game Association members and volunteers, sponsors and the farming community for its support. The association is already looking forward to next year's tree day.

"We wish to extend our sincere thanks to those who support us.

"Pencil in July 2019 for your next planting project."